August 9, 2010

Happy 41st Anniversary Mansion!

Last year on Global Disney Pinvestigation we decided to do a Month of Mansion in honor of The Haunted Mansion’s 40th Anniversary. It debuted on the Mansion’s 40th Anniversary, August 9th, 2009, and ran till September 9, 2009 (Happy Haunts Day).

So in beginning a Mansion ‘Tradition’ (even though I’m the farthest thing from a Haunted Mansion Fan), I thought I’d be interesting to repost the series links here incase you missed it or you just want to see them again. So may I present to you, GDP’s First Major Series: Month of Haunted Mansion.

We stared off with a Commemorative post, celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Attraction, in pins in 40 Grim Grinning Years.

The next day, we started our in-depth look at the attraction beginning with the most important thing in the attraction, The DoomBuggy. We then explored the beginning ideas and concepts of the attraction in Haunted Orgins. A ride through of the attraction was presented in The Story of 999 Happy Haunts.

Throughout the rest of the month we explored the history and stories behind each of the four Haunted Mansion attractions around the world, through it’s History, Pictures, and Pins:

Haunted History of New Orleans Square
Pics and Pins of the Original Hauntings
Haunted Kingdom: A History of the Magic Kingdom’s Mansion
Pics and Pins of a Colonial Mansion
History of Mysterious Mansion in Fantasyland
Haunted Stories: A Phantom in the Manor
Pics and Pins of Phamous Phantoms
Pinvestigation: Mansions of the Future

Between the various posts on the Haunted Mansions around the world, we took an in depth look at many of the Mansions characters and signature items (like Portraits and Tombstones) in our signature segment, Pics and Pins:

Tombstones and Gravesites
Haunted Portraits
Master Gracey
Many Madam Leotas
The Duelers
The Mansions Many Brides 
The Phantom Five
The Caretaker
The Hitchhiking Ghosts—Part One & Part Two

We finished our Character In-depth Looks with a look at a character not seen by many, but loved by all, in a Retro Lookback of The Hatbox Ghost.

In our final post for Month of Mansion, we took a pictorial look through the attraction celebrating Happy Haunts Day (09-09-09), with our Happy Haunts Day posting.

Happy 41st Anniversary Haunted Mansion!

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