September 7, 2009

Pics and Pins of the Caretaker

Today we will take a look at the only human represented in the attraction. And you encounter him when you seem to fall out the window and "die". Suprisingly the Caretaker Animatronic, does not have a name, Cast Member made, Fan made, or Imagineer made, he is just "the Caretaker". And I feel like he should be the one to have a name since he is a "human". But his pal, the dog, also doesnot have a name, but he is also not the only "live" animal in the attraction.The acutal face mold used to make the caretaker, like the two duelers, are reused from an existing attraction. This time it was taken from Adventureland's Jungle Cruise. The Caretaker is actually one of the first of the humans you see in the Jungle Cruise as well, he is man at the bottom of the totem pole getting hit by Rhino horn.He is in many many pins, and always, for the most part, has his dog, and always has a scared or suprised look on his face. The one major thing that is different in most of the pins, is how he looks, age wise... Sometimes he looks old, and sometimes he looks younger.Like this one he looks OLD...But here he looks younger and skinnier...Also sometimes he is shown with a full on beard, like this one, and as he is in the attraction...But this one he doesnt have any facial hair, and his hair is white...And these pins from O-Pin House, he looks younger and still has no beard...But then here with the WDI pin, he looks older...

And this recent, to be released on September 9th, looks as he is very young... ----------------------------

That is it for today... We only have 2 more days of this Haunted Mansion series, i really hoped you all liked it, it took a long time to put together... There will be no "offical" blog posts (meaning scheduled) on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday due to the D23 Expo... As i will NOT be going to the expo i will be here at home blogging and tweeting reports and news coming from the expo on those days... So to be UP- TO- DATE on the latest Expo News follow our alter ego @gdp_D23 at ... We will not be using our @gdpinvestigator account AT ALL from Thursday-Friday, so PLEASE PLEASE follow @gdp_D23 for all the blog news and info from the expo... ANd be one of the first to know, from one who is not there... ALso please spread the word about the @gdp_D23 account... Thanks... It is much appreciated.

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