September 1, 2009

Pics and Pins of Phamous Phantoms

Here are some concept art sketches of the Phantom Manor attraction...Imagineers adjusting a model of the Phantom Manor...The Building of the exterior Manor...The Stretching Room portraits in Phantom Manor, unlike the Haunted Mansion ones, these feature the same girl, Melanie Ravenswood...The portrait corridor with Melanie Ravenswood portrait at end of hall...Endless Hall in beginning of attraction...Ballroom with Melanie on steps waiting for her bride...In the Bride's Boudir...After out the window into Phantom Canyon, you see the Singing Busts...A decaying Bride points the guests out of the way of the catacombs, taking the place of the Hitchhiking Ghosts...Little Leota, who is featured in all of the Haunted Mansion...Now on to the pins... Phantom Manor doesnt have that many, but here are some...

The logo of Phantom Manor...The WDI Phantom Manor poster pin...Pin released on Phantom Manor Friday the 13th Event, parody's the one Streching Room Portrait with Melanie, and the sea monster coming after her.. Tinkerbell is Melanie with Stitch as the Monster...Stitch as the Organist...Tinkerbell as Little Leota...Stitch is on many pins at DLP, here is Stitch in the same pose on two different pins...This stained glass like pin was featured in the Haunted Mansion boxed set released at the OPin House event... THis one of Phantom Manor...

Pics from, PhotoMagiques, and

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