September 3, 2009

Pics and Pins of the Phantom Five

Today we will take a look at the "Phantom Five", more commonly know to Disney Fans as The Singing Busts. They are led by the character of "Uncle Theodore", played by Thrul Ravenscroft. Also contrary to urban legend, non of the busts are modeled after Walt Disney himself. The rest of the busts (from left to right) are Rollo Rumkin, Uncle Theodore, Cousin Algernon, Ned Nub, and Phineas P. Pork.

In Marc Davis' original concept art of the busts, the five males we have today were included, but it also consisted of a 6th, female, bust named Aunt Lucretia.

The singing busts illusion is created through the same technology as the seance scene and Madame Leota. They sing along to a playback of "Grim Grinning Ghosts", when filiming the performaces, the actors could only use their eyes and mouth to give a good performance.In the Paris version of hte attraction, their are only 4 singing busts in its Graveyard replacement of Phantom Canyon.Only a few pins consist of all five Singing Busts...Most of them only feature 4 or less...

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