September 19, 2009

D23 Expo News Part 4: Mousellanous Information

Todays article FIRST article features Mousellanous News from the D23 Expo, held last weekend, we have talked about parks now lets venture out of the Disney Theme Parks, and head to the Disney Cruise Line and Walt Disney Pictures.The first information we have is about the Disney Cruise Line, which, in 2011 will be moving around, with the new Disney Dream ship docking at Port Canaveral in 2011, the Magic and Wonder will be touring the globe, so it seems.

With the ships going to Alaska, Mexican Rivera, Northern Europe (UK and North of France) and the Mediterranean (North coast of Africa, Italy, etc.), as well as 2 Panama Canal Crossing Cruises. Stay Tuned for more information at

Other news we have has to do with Muppets a new muppet movie will be being released in the futured to be called "The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever", and also the Muppet What Not Labs (where you can make your own Muppet) will be coming to the parks in the near future.

More Walt Disney Pictures new that came from the expo was:

--A new DisneyNature Film will becoming out on Earth Day 2010, entitled OCEANS

--A new Disney Distrubition division called Disneys Double Dare You, a family friendly scary film section of the Studios

--And finally, the biggest news from the presentation was a NEW Pirates Movie entiled Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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