September 19, 2009

Weekly (Pin) News

There really isnt that much Pin OR Park News this week, but we have some...

--This is for both WDW and DLR, has the Park Series #3 pin set to be released on October 8, 2009, that means BEFORE the scheduled Vinylmation set release in November 2010.On to WDW, along with the Fantasyland Expansion that we announced the other day in our Expo News Series today we will have some refurbs, like the backside of the castle that is being refurbished and has a very nice (IMO) construction wall/scrim.This is kinda OLD news, but the Skyway Building's top floor is DEMOLISHED and looks like the bottom will be refurbed, and the bathrooms are gutted and looks to be replaced. In WDW pin news, the EPCOT CENTER pin set that was scheduled to be released on 10/15, will now be released on October 1st...
In Disneyland News, a couple of weeks ago posted this concept art (below) of Princess's Tiana Showboat Jubilee (to begin in November)..DLR pin news is few and far between, as normal, but this week (Wednesday to be precise) saw three Suprise pins that were released at DLR's Downtown Disney, each themed differently to Halloween.


That is it for today, please vote on the BLOG POLL at the top left hand corner of the blog on what you are most looking forward too come to fruition after being announced at the Expo... Monday we will start a NEW series that will be very enchanting... Any Guesses??

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