September 19, 2009

Magic Kingdom Fantasyland Expansion UPDATE!!

For today's third article we look at some of the Fantasyland Concept art... I have taken an extra large aerial view (below) and cropped and edited the areas to show.This is the Castle Wall Entrance from the back of the castle moving into the new expanded area. (below)Once through the Castle Wall you will first see Aurora's Cottage meet and greet to the left...Concept art of Aurora meet and greet outside (below, already posted)Zoomed in and cropped is the Beast's Castle on a hill (below) behind the Aurora Cottage, this is to be the location of the Beast Restaurant...Another edited and cropped section is at the bottom of the hill, a bit farther from the Aurora Cottage... This is to be Belle's Village (below), Gaston's Tavern would be the brown building and the Green would be a shop, most likely... Piece of art already shown that features Gaston's fountain infront of the Tavern, which you can see above (the brown circle between the buildings)...Another cropped piece from the original aerial view, showing the Ariel Attraction...Cropped to show the Cinderella Chateau, you can see the blue dot at the bottom of the picture (below), meaning this is the Cinderella meet and greet...Cropped Pixie Hollow area, looks preety big, with the tree (to the left) and playarea (to the right) kinda like the playarea in Hollywood Studios.Cropped circus area, featuring the Dumbo attraction, its seems that the attraction WONT be in the tents lik originally speculated, but OUTSIDE the tents, and the waiting area will be INSIDE the tents...This final piece of cropped art is of the Mad Tea Party, over the past couple of days people have speculated that this will be changing and such, but all that will happen will a new awning to be placed over it... Personally i hope they have a glass roof like in Disneyland Paris, but i doubt that will happen...

Pics with Characters in Shots (NOT THE CROPPED ONES) from

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  1. Wow! I love all the new concept art! Haven't seen it before, and I'm even more excited now! NOT excited to deal with the construction, though...