September 25, 2009

Pics and Pins of Tokyo's Cinderella Castle

Today's Pics and Pins we feature Tokyo's Castle (we have many pics, because as with many TDL stuff, im sure not as many of you have been as to WDW)..

These first few pics are of the castle before its "makeover" with the new paint color scheme..In 2006, the castle got a makeover and the outside of the castle was covered with construction equipment and getting ready to be painted.Then later that year, the new castle was unveiled, to be a bit "browner" and have a tiny tiny "pink" tint..
The OLC likes to decorate its castle as well, but for all the major events like Christmas and Halloween as well, not just anniversarys.They also decorated it for the 25th Anniversary last year. Now on to the pins, as with many of our Tokyo segments of any series, the Pins part is lacking because Tokyo has barely any pins..A lot of times when Tokyo's Cinderella Castle is represented it has a mountain in the background to distinguish it from Magic Kingdom's.
That is it for today... Tomorrow we will have the WPN with the weekly pin and park news... Also, please vote on our new Blog Poll at the top right corner of the page. Coming up in October, a month of Pin Trading.. Even if you dont like pins, stay tuned, i think you will like this.

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