September 14, 2009

D23 Expo News Part 1: Disneyland Resort News

Today we start the week long series that takes a look at the ALL the news that came out of the D23 Expo, park by park, section by section of the Walt Disney Company.

Today we start with the Theme Parks and Resorts, and Disneyland Resort, upcoming attractions and such...

We will start with the most recent and opening first attraction, in the Making of the Hall of Presidents presentation, the Imagineers shared some concept art of the new Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln opening in December 2009. (pictured below)Then the Parks and Resorts "booth" featured an Audio-Anamatronic of Abraham Lincoln that will be used in the attraction, which will be similar to the one at WDW's Hall of Presidents.
Up next is an announcement made at the Expo by Jay Rasulo, Star Tours II is coming in 2011 to Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios, it will take place during Episode I and in the podracers sequence. Most Disney Fans and Enthusiasts knew it was going to happen years ago and then realized it was offical when D23 made the announcement that Storm Troopers will be joining Mr. Rasulo.Here is a screencap from the 30 second preview they showed the guests of the expo.
Here we have concept art of Carsland coming to Disney's California Adventure in 2011... Here is some concept art of the land...On hand at the event was a model of the "Auto-matronic" that will be in the Radiator Springs Racers attraction, where the eyes are projected and the mouth moves... This one is of Lightning McQueen.These werent Animatronics, but just still "figures"...Here are some models of the land and attraction...
Now on the to the latest addition to California Adventure, coming Spring 2010... In the Making of the World of Color presentation, here is a run down of the show.. (pics from of testing of the nozzles and screens before the water was removed...Diagram of the water nozzle and feature platform under the water...The Opening segment...Our host Little Squirt..The Spring Sprite begins the show...Followed by Just Around the River Bend, Pocahontas segment...Then April Shower segment, morphs into storms...Colors of Wonderland...Colors of the Sea (featuring The Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo)Taking us from the Seas to Space are the Whales from Fantasia 2000...Colors of the Universe (featuring Wall-E, Eve, and another segment from Fantasia 2000)Colors of Flight (featuring UP, Toy Story, and Aladdin)Colors of Fear (featuring Chernabog, Frollo, Dr. Facilier and Scar)Scar segment, with mist and fire...Stampede of water...Fears to Tears (deaths of some characters, Mufasa is an example)Tears of Love Conquering All (Transformations Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast)Finale (Wonderful World of Color with Tinkerbell)In the end of teh presentation, it was revealed that singer Amy Grant, will be the main signature voice of the World of Color song...
That is it for today, tomorrow we will look at the new additions coming to the Walt Disney World Resort, so stay tuned...

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  1. Incredible...!! all of this is Walt Disney work?? He is amazingly great!! the Disney films or videos i had seen so far, it holds so much represents of imaginations and great tales. such films he made in Fantasia 2000 it's a great moment when i saw it in IMAX theatre... i just hope Disney's art is never fade from the world.