September 2, 2009

Pinvestigation: Mansions of the Future

Today we wont really look at Pins or History, but we will look ahead as some rumors that used to be and what things that will be in the future of the Haunted Mansion attraction "franchise", mostly dealing with Hong Kong Disneyland.

Many Disney Fans and Enthusists think thought that Hong Kong Disneyland would have gotten a Haunted Mansion attraction in Adventureland. Knowing that it wouldnt open with the park, they has their hearts set on a "Voodoo Manor" where the theming and such of the attraction, would have been to a Voodoo area of the hidden and mystical jungle. Then in 2007, two years after the park opened, construction began on an area near Adventureland, but on Main Street "territory". Many guests and fans a like thought, maybe this will be a Haunted Mansion on Main Street. The idea sounded good, and many thought that Imagineering might have been harkening back to the original plan for the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. But rumors were debunked and squashed when HKDL announced that they would be bringing a "Haunted Hotel" to Main Street for the 2007 Halloween Season at Hong Kong Disneyland. Many Disney Fans were confused because the story.

Legend has it that the owners of this hotel, Jack and Victoria Maxwell, carried out bizarre experiments on honeymooning couples, and their ghosts still haunt the walls to this day. This walk-through attraction will both scare and thrill as guests try and navigate the secret passages and hallways of the Haunted Hotel.
Disney fans were once again suprised, because they thought this newly added Scary walkthrough for the season was not Disney at all, but realized that they need to compete with other Hong Kong theme parks in the area.The next year, in 2008, rumors of Haunted Mansion were once again in the air, but in another land: Adventureland. Once again, an area was blocked off, in the perspective Haunted Mansion area that many guests thought was gonna go there. But once again, the rumors were squashed that HKDL would be expanding their Halloween oppurtunites and adding another "Scare Trail" in Adventureland called Demon Jungle.In August 2008 when the Adventurer's Club closed on Pleasure Island in Walt Disney World, many Disney Fans were saddened and angry with the decision, but weeks later rumors on the internet swirled that some of the Adventurer's Club props were going to be taken down from the Club and moved to Hong Kong for a new attraction.

So with that, once again fans got happy and thought maybe finally they will get a Haunted Mansion attraction in Adventureland. Rumors swirled and swirled for months in cyber space. Then, in July 2009 Hong Kong Disneyland Resort released plans for a MAJOR expansion. In the plans was a Mystica Point, themed somewhat like a Adventureland but not with an added twist and touch of Beastly Kingdomme, the dream land to any hard core Animal Kingdom. In this land was a large "mansion" called Mystic Manor.

The offical press release reads:
Inside Mystic Manor, a trackless ride system enables vehicles to move “freely” about the attraction as the story unfolds. Audio-Animatronic® figures and special visual and audio effects help tell the story of mystical phenomena.
For the Mystic Manor attraction, so fans thought his would be the Adventureland Haunted Mansion like they had wanted, with a new trackless system. But days later, HKDL released more are and attraction poster. This one (below) featuring a mischivious monkey and a "sacred/ cursed" figurine, sort of like Tokyo DisneySea's Tower of Terror. So Disney fans are still excited for this new addition, but they cant tell if this will be like a beloved attraction of Haunted Mansion, or an attraction like Haunted Mansion with a HUGE twist. Because NON of the Haunted Mansion attractions feature a monkey. So questions are raised and fans are anxious to see what is is all about.

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