September 10, 2009

D23 Expo Day 1 (so far...)

These are just a FEW of MANY pics taken at the Expo so far... The Bob Iger speech seemed to go over the scheduled time... And the audience saw the first 30 minutes of the Princess and the Frog, as well as treated to a performance by Aniki Noni Rose, voice of Tiana, as she sung a song from the movie.
As this is mostly a Parks and Pins site, i am trying to just keep it to Parks and Pin (and possibly Vinylmation) previews and such, but BIG news will also be posted... Here are a few pics from throughout the expo.

The Electrical Parade Mr. Turtle float...Lucky the Dinosaur is appearing, and allowing Photo ops...The entrance to the Parks pavilion... Has many previews...Such as the model of the "automatronic" for the Cars Land of Lightning McQueen, and a model of the land...And an overhead view of Mystic Manor, the "Haunted Mansion" coming to Hong Kong in 2011...
Stay tuned the next couple of days for the latest news... I am possibly going to WDW on EITHER Saturday OR Sunday, so there may not be updates about the expo, but for updates from the park follow me on twitter...

If YOU are attending the expo, PLEASE PLEASE email me some pics and reports from the days you have gone, i as a Disney Fan would love to see it with comentary... And it would be GREAT if you allow me to post on the blog... email me at gdpinvestigator(at)
Pics courtesy of @AllEarsDeb, @moustaligia, and @DisneyD23 Twitpics

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