September 13, 2009

Trip Report with Poncho McKey

Im back with another Trip Report of the WDW Resort...

Yesterday started off being rainy and dreary. We got to Hollywood Studios around 10am and the parking lot was EMPTY, we parked in Film section about 1/2way in the middle ALL THE WAY A THE OPPOSITE END
--We got FPs for TSMM, at 10:15 the FP were for 12:20pm and it has a Standby time of 50min (a sure sign that DHS was empty)
--We rode it, my Mom's and I Shooters werent working, so we told the lady and she let us get out, stand against the wall and ride again... (it seemed like it had many problems because she mummble to the other lady "Oh no, its happening again", also my dad didnt even stop infront of 2 of the screens, he was on the end, so he got to ride again as well)
TIP: if your shooter doesnt work, tell them, they will let you ride again.
--We then went to eat lunch at Backlot Express
--Went to Animation to see the Princess and the Frog exhibit, then it was time for our FP time
--We left DHS, by this time the rain was coming to a stop

We hopped in the car and drove to MK, onec again not busy, they just finished filling up the Minnie Parking lt and we parked in Goofy (first row)
--We rode the Monorail to MK and walked around the park, started with Tomorrowland and rode the TTA (the first day it was open since refurb) twice
--Then Buzz
--Walked around rest of park, stopped in Fantasyland to check on D23 news and saw teh Fantasyland Expansion.. (weird)
--Rode Haunted Mansion (my first time) only had 20 minute wait... I was a bit disappointed because we were in a the Streching Room with a GIANT group of obnoxious Teenagers and they had to say the speech with the Ghost Host so it kinda ruined it for me (since it was my first time) Then they were around us in the attraction and they kept yelling and screaming so i really couldnt hear what Madame Leota was saying...
--Rode Lilly Belle (caught up on the D23 news and pics)
--Checked out times for Splash and Thunder.. Splash was 40 min and Thuder was BROKEN.. again
--Left park and headed to Contemp to get ressie at Chef Mickeys, was full, so we took monorail to Poly to eat at Captain Cooks (around 5pm)

We went to DTD World of Disney and left

On to the pics, i hope you like them, i changed it up a bit this time, tell me what you think?? Likey or no??

Adventures of Poncho McKey

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