August 31, 2009

GDP Special Report: Marvel Purchased By Disney

Ok today was the announcement of the Marvel Purchase by Disney that was going to be happening. As i was at school, I wasnt able to really get a full grasp on it unil i got home. Then i got home read all that I could and finally came up with MY OPINION of this.

Im not gonna be giving you the "summary" of purchase, you can easily find that on the net and GOOGLE it or just look on Twitter, as #Disney and #Marvel are in the top 10 Trending Topics... So here goes MY OPINION.
Ever since i read this earlier today i didnt know really how to react. I was a bit confused and sort of had a WHAT?!? moment. I was also a bit confused. And like many other people i immediately thought of the Universal Parks and such. But then i read more up on it and found out that Universal IoA will still have the Superhero Island- thingy (sorry dont know name b/c im a Disney fan not Universal). Then I thought from the stand point of a HUGE Disney Park Fan, will they be bringing in the Superheros into the park??? I thought to myself i hope not, becasue when i think of Disney i dont think of superheros (other than the Incredilbles). So overall i wasnt that happy, i figured that they could take this MARVEL thing and run with it one of two ways in the parks: 1) Take it and smack it on EVERYTHING, like Pixar and making a WHOLE land (most likely in DHS) OR 2) Take it and use it sparingly like the Muppets/ Jim Hension franchises. So i was still confused. Then i read more and heard on the news that the purchase of Marvel was more for BOYS and to counterpart the GIRLS "franchise" of Hannah Montana. ANd after hearing/reading it i was a little bit better feeling thinking it was mostly just for the TV stations, becasue Disney launched DisneyXD in Feburary and has been gradually getting stronger and stronger. So for the TV market i think it is a good idea, because ive only seen the DisneyXD station several times, and it really doesnt have THAT many shows as opposed to Disney Channel which as Wizards, The Suite Life, Sonny, and of course Hannah Montana. Overall, I still have mixed feelings for this purchase of Marvel, but if they go the way I THINK they will go (TV instead of Parks) i would feel better than if they smacked them in the parks like Pixar the past couple of years.
So now with this purchase of Marvel.. Do you all think that it is TOO late to have a D23 Expo booth for Marvel as a "Disney Franchise"?
I really want to know what you all think of this... Email me gdpinvestigator(at), Tweet me @gdpinvestigator or Facebook me, or comment on this post...
Marvel Pic from DisneyByJoe Blog and SpiderMan pic found on Facebook

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  1. After laughing myself silly, my overall reaction has been . . .

    . . . yawn . . .