August 4, 2009

Fan Favorite: the Dole Whip

The infamous Dole Whip which definately a Fan Favorite, i personally have always heard of this dessert, but never had really tried one.... Until about in the beginning of this year, i stood in the LONG line and got the Pineapple Float, it was heaven in my mouth, i LOVE Pineapple and Ice Cream, so combining them together is just great, now i make it a point everytime im at Magic Kingdom to swing by Aloha Isle and get one...
With only 2 places in WDW selling this treat, and only 1 place in DLR, this is definately a "Secret" Fan Favorite... I have sat by Aloha Isle at MK, and there is always a line, and people come streaming out with Pineapples and Ice Cream, this is definately is a "hidden" gem...

Last week i sent out a Tweet asking "Why do you like the Dole Whip???"... Sadly i only got one response... AJ (@DisneyFoodBlog on Twitter) and the writer for responded with "I love Dole Whips because they're HEALTHY!".... so i ask you my readers Why do you LOVE Dole Whips??? Please respond by @gdpinvestigator me on Twitter or just by commenting on this post... -----------------------
This is a very SHORT article sorry.... Stay Tuned tomorrow for a Contemporary Article as we welcome Bay Lake Tower into the DVC Resorts Club...
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  1. Sorry I didn't see your tweet about the Dole Whip Cody! I certainly would have responded as this has become one of our families favorite treats and rituals when visiting WDW! You simply can't beat ice cream in the summer in Orlando and the refreshing pineapple juice and pulp at the bottom is delicious! :) Absolutely one of the best desserts at WDW.