August 28, 2009

Pics and Pins of Tombstones and Gravesites

As with what we talked about the other day in the Master Gracey Pics and Pins, the tombstones were made to give credit to the Imagineers who worked on the attraction. The main cemetary is in the queue of the attraction.

Here are some of the tombstones that are throughout the queue...In 2001, a team of Imagineers, Eric Jacobson, Patrick Brennan, Doug Griffith, and Jason Surrell began looking for ways to use small scale animation to enhand the guest experience thoughout the park, especially in queues and areas where there was less to see. One result, which debuted in 2002, was a new tombstone on the family plot that is outside the mansion entrance doors. This features and is dedicated to Madame Leota, and is a reference and tribute to Leota Toombs, the engravement reads:

Dear Sweet Leota
Beloved by All
In Regions Beyond Now
But Having a Ball

Not entirely resting at peace, the sculpture frequently opens her eyes slowly, and then closes them. Imagineers thought that this subtle addition improves the story with Madame Letoa.

Not many tombstone pins were made, this Master Gracey one is really the only one that features the whole engravement that is on the actual stone...Many of the other tombstone pins featur RIP or just is empty..This is of "George", you may ask who is George, well he is the husband of the streching room's old lady on gravesite. ALso another key clue is the axe/hatchet on the stone, like on the portrait.This one is not actually in the queue, he is more in the Graveyard scene of the attraction.The Pet Cemetary is one of the most themed areas in a Disney Park, and it is seldom seen. The original location was on the right side, near what is now Splash Mountain, in Disneyland. It was created in teh early 1980s by Kim Irvine--daugher of Leota Toombs--who bought pieces of statuary from local nurseries and turned to show writer, Chris Goosman to compse humorous epitaphs for the lost pets. This hidden gem proved to be such a hit that Imagineers made it offical, creating a permanent pet cemetary along the attractions queue in 1993. Since then the Pet Cemetary's have been added to all other incarnations of the attraction.So being a fan favorite means, many pins are made... Like this boxed set released for teh O--Pin House event at Disneyland this summer...Or this set of individual pins...And this recently released Hidden Mickey Cast Lanyard set of the "gravestones" for the animals...

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