August 18, 2009

Food and Wine Festival Pins Posted

Today we will take a look at the Food and Wine Festival Pins for 2009. Many of you have asked me about the pins that will be coming out... They have finally posted them on so here they are... This years theme is simlar to Cities in Wonderland last year, i like the whimsical items... Like the logo pin that is the apple as SpaceShip Earth...
Logo Pin-- $9.95
Tinkerbell-- $9.95-- LE 3000

Mickey Mouse-- $9.95-- LE 3000

DVC- Chip and Dale-- $9.95-- LE 1000

Annual Passholder- Figment-- $9.95-- LE 2500

Boxed Set-- $55.00-- LE 500

For more information on the 2009 International Food and Wine Festal at Epcot.. go to

It has the most up to date information, as well as a collection of links of seminars, maps, brochures, and where you can make reservations for tastings and seminars.

Release information from the Pins is from and is Subject to Change

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  1. Hooray Hooray Hooray!! I was just wondering if these were out yet! Thanks for the list and thanks for the link, Pinvestigator! Here I go to get these babies mentioned on the food blog...