August 26, 2009

Pins of Master Gracey

Master Gracey isnt really a "character" in the Haunted Mansion attraction. The only "real" representation is the "main" Tombstone in the Graveyard that surrounds the house. Which then leads many of the Cast Members to believe that Master Gracey is the main propieter of the mansion, then also there is the changing portrait in the small foyer, which also isnt "offically" him either. So many Cast Members and Fans made their own "Fan Fiction" to make a story to the Haunted Mansion.

As many know, the Tombstones offer hints to who helped on the project, and Imagineer Yale Gracey was prominent in helping with the special effects of the mansion, so many fans and cast members incorrectly assume that "Gracey" is the propietor of the mansion, but not "offically".All of the pins featuring Master Gracey are released at Magic Kingdom, in Orlando, if any, there are very few pins of Master Gracey released in Disneyland, due to the fact that the changing portrait isnt as prominant in the DL attraction.This pin shows the "decomposed" Master Gracey from the graveyard, the only pin featuring him as "non" human...Most of the Master Gracey pins feature him in the same pose as he is in on the changing portrait...

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