August 25, 2009

Pics and Pins of the Mansions Many Brides

Today's Pics and Pins we take you on the journey and the (after) life of the famed Bride of the Haunted Mansions around the world.... This first piece of concept art is by Marc Davis when in the planning stages of the Haunted Mansion attraction, as you can see he has two different versions, a old womena with many layers of fabric on (left) and the sort of young crazy woman holding a cat and a candle (right).The picture below shows several of the different brides, the first (left) is the original Disneyland Bride, then (middle) is the updated Bride of 1996 in Disneyland, and (right) is the Tokyo Disneyland Bride, wearing the traditional Japanes wedding garb.This picture shows (leftand middle) the Blue Bride, unlit(left), and lite (middle), as well as the "figure" of teh new bride (right) without the projections of the face and body.The different pins of many attractions you can tell the history of it through the changes and such, but no attraction is as apparent as the Haunted Mansion Bride pins.... This first one features the original Bride, with face not shown, and holding a candle and bouquet of flowers...Then they progress into the "Blue Bride" with the blue face and still having a candle and bouquet of flowers...This one actually features the "blue bride" with the beating red heart (actually a light, on the figure)...This Bride is a weird looking one, with the heart, and bouquet and no candle, this was the transition between the Old Bride and the New Bride, named "Constance"...After the 2006/2007 makeovers in Disneyland and Magic Kingdom, the Brides got an update in technology, as well as a "real" story by the Imagineers, not just Fan Fiction. Now the Bride is not just called the "Black Widow Bride", but now named Constance, and now says altered lines having to do with wedding vows, and now holds an axe and flowers, instead of a candle.This was really the first pin of the 2006 makeover for the bride in Disneyland, they dont have an apparent picture of what she will look like...This WDI I.D. Badge is the first REAL reprsentation of the new bride, Constance, with her "innocence" and axe.Then in 2007 for Halloween, the Bride on the pins, for a few looked older and meaner, no longer innocent, but angry...This pin was featured in a Valentines Day Eve Friday the 13th Collection... The Bride, offically Constance now, once again looks a bit older and angry, no longer innocent, when the bride is in "Human Form" she looks more meanacing...But most if not all the pins of Constance after that have her back in her "younger" ghostly form with the axe in sight, but not...Once again, they have two more pins of Constance in the "human form" and she once again no longer looks like her ghostly self..This pin with Constance in her "ghostly" form still looks weird...After the 2007 makeover, and the addition of the "5 Husband Portraits" more pins were made featuring them.... This one being the first, with the Grooms Head, gone...This "Cutest Couple" spinner features Constance and 3 of her 5 Grooms...Once back again, the mean ghostly looking bride, used in the Halloween pin from earlier, but with her Husbands head intact...This Friday the 13th Eve of Valentines Day set features theBride in her human form with all her husbands...This continues the Friday the 13th set with the wedding album of her 5 Grooms...These Leniclular pins to be released at the 40th Anniverasry Event on September 9th, feature teh Bride with her 5 different husbands, and their heads disappear.

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  1. It's just so fascinating to see the progression of the attraction through these pins alone. Even as an avid park-goer I had no idea.