August 24, 2009

History of the Mysterious Mansion in Fantasyland

Today we will be doing a brief "history" and Pics and Pins of Tokyo Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. Opening with the park like Magic Kingdom's Mansion, this attraction shares many many things with the Orlando version. One main difference is the location, while Magic Kingdom's is in Liberty Square, Tokyo's follows the tradition of this attraction of being placed in Fantasyland. One reason Disney placed this mansion in Fantasyland is that there was no Liberty Square or New Orleans Square. Another reason is in Japan, ghostly stories and legends are more myths and fantasy and fairy tales like Princesses and Princes.

On the outside on the entrance are two Bronze Griffons, also the mansion is closer to the entrance than the mansion at DL and MK. The graveyard is smaller and not as scary. Also, the outside "paint" job is a bit darker than the Magic Kingdom one.Even though the Oriental Land Company is so interested in improving the attractions and park, this attraction seems to be behind the rest of the Haunted Mansions around the world. Unlike Orlando and Anaheim, there hasnt been upgrades like the Madame Leota and new bride "Constance", they still have the "Blue Bride".

Talking to TokyoDisneyDad, from Dizpins Boards, he said that the Cast Members here at Tokyo's Haunted Mansion, are not like the ones from around the world. These are more friendly and happy and cheerful, unlike the DL and MK ones that are "spooky" and scary.

One piece of history of the Tokyo attraction is the never built, "haunted restaurant", this was seen in the most recent edition of the Disney Twenty-Three Magazine. In it was a piece of concept art, that showed a Table Service restaurant that was to be like the Haunted Mansion, featuring "haunting" effects and such. It was then moved and not built in favor of the Haunted Mansion attraction.

Here are the pins of Tokyo Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, there is not that many...WDI Attraction Poster...Opening button...Part of the Attraction Set released at TDL... (sorry for small pic)

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