August 1, 2009

Weekly Pin News

This weeks WPN will be short, there is hardly any news, but this first part is for both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, the new Park Series 2 VInylmation Pins are now released in the parks... Also from the Vinylmation Signing last night, there will be a new Vinylmation Site, sort of like ODPT for pins... Coming Soon... I cant wait to see what it is... I just hope it isnt as bad as ODPT.. These last to pieces of Pin News are for WDW... This first one are pictures of the Orange Bird art we showed you earlier in the week, here are the actual pins, coming out December 2009..This final piece of news is also for WDW, the is upcoming series harkens back to 1971 with some original attractions and some Extinct attractions, like the Skyway, and the Astro/Star Jets... Coming out in November 2009, this series will pay tribute to the original Magic Kingdom...This final peiece of "news" comes from, this latest piece of DeeBee art shows a DeeBee feeding a Dole Whip to a Enchanted TIki ROom Bird, i thought this fit in with this weeks theme of the Enchanted Tiki Room... Go to then click on ART, and scroll all the way to the bottom to see 3 more pieces of lates DeeBee art...
This week was very weak in Disney (Pin) News, sorry... No other Disney Park news either.. Stay TUned this week to have two special editions of Pinvestigates, that tie in with the Enchanted Tiki Room... HINT: They both have something on this post... ANy guesses????

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  1. Thanks for the vinylmation pin news!! Those shall be mine. Also, do you think they will (or do they already) have Horizons or World of Motion pins? It'd be cool to have a set of early EPCOT attractions, too...