July 31, 2009

Pics and Pins of the Birds

Today we wil finish our final Pics and Pins series of The Birds of the Tiki Room... These first couple of pics are from the original Enchanted Tiki Room in DIsneyland...This is the Toucan outside of the 2nd incarnation of the show at TOkyo Disneyland, where guests are told to "Get the Fever!"...This pic is from the latest Tokyo show, featuring stitch, as you can see, the "lady" birds are sporting Blue Stitch Ears...On to the Pins, most as I have said before are WDI pins....This set of the 4 main hosts of the Original Enchnated Tiki ROom....Another WDI Set of 4 featuring once again the 4 Hosts....THis next set of 6 was for the Disneyland GWP set in 2008.... This final set of three was for the 45th Anniversary, they came in a boxed set...---------------------
That is it for today... Stay tuned for this weekend's short Weekly Pin News, and next week for two special features...
Pics from DisneyPins.com, Yesterland.com and PinPics.com

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