July 14, 2009

Distantly Related Fantastic Fantastmic!

Seeing that Disneyland's new nighttime show was a hit, Disney's Hollywood Studios, at the time Disney-MGM Studios, wanted something to attract crowds, since Sorcery in the Sky wasnt really doing that. So Team Disney Orlando comissioned a show of its own in 1996, executives built a 100,000 seat amphitheater for ths show.

The show at Disney-MGM Stuidos was a bit different than Disneylands, one major one is the theater, instead of having a little building for the equipment and such on the RIvers of America like at DL, MGM had a whole mountain built to house the dragon. Also, the water mist screens are closer to the audience, to not show the waterway, unlike DL wher the screens are on the stage, and you can still see the water way. Another change is instead of Captain Hook and PEter Pan, the segment is replaced with a Pocahontas sequence, as well as insted of Ursula, MGM has a small Jafar section, in many peoples opinions, MGM's wasnot and still is not as good as DL's. One final difference is that in the finale, DHS has their own "Steamboat WIllie" ship instead of the Mark Twain.

Originally opening with a different finale, it was said taht the finale was to involve Mickey walking on the surface of the river and rising up in a column of water to slay the dragon. While some say the effect suffered from technical problems, others suggest that former Disney CEO Michael Eisner felt the concept had too many religious parallels. A simpler ending of Mickey using the sword in the stone was used instead. However, the show's soundtrack had already been produced with the last track called "Mickey Walks On Water/Evil Destroyed."

Then in 2009, the executives at WDW changed the schedule of the show. From the original almost every night schedule, was reduced to maybe two nights a week.

MIcheal Eisner, when coming up with this project wanted more recent films, that could be changed every couple of years. But that has not happened... ALso originally, there was planned to be a live actionmovie sequence featuring a 20,000 Leagues Under teh Sea on the stage battleing the giant squid...

I didnt do a show run through because it is similar to DL's with the changes said above... TOmorrow we will do a Pics and Pins of Fantasmic!!!.... ALso i ask you the question... What Disney Movie do you think has a lot of influence in Disney THeme Parks??? Please email me, Tweet me, message me on FB or comment here.... Thanks...

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