July 1, 2009

MoP Event Report

Shell Kervel

The event was spectacular!!!

I have had the best time personally! The lines for the boards are 30-40 minutes long but the pins are good! There are plenty of the new hidden mickeys on the boards along with LE's and (fewer than normal but) AP's & PP's too.

The kids zone was better this year too there were 2 LCD Tv's set up one streaming Tinkerbell and one with Stitch! There was coloring and a board for the munchkins too!

Ohhhh the decorations!!! They did an AWESOME job on them!! Anyone who has ever been to a muesum would have said Disney did them proud!!! (Did I mention they were AWESOME?!?) There was a hugungeous T-Rex skeleton with Pluto underneath him as you walked in!!! I LOVED THAT!!!!

The early registration went super smooth as did all of the 4th RSP process and the distribution of the purchase for purchase pins.

The cast that was entertaining us was just that... ENTERTAINING!!! Pindy, Lucy, Digger and Lovey were all fabulous!! As always all of our favorite artists were there to sign the pins and say hello!!! Steve Miller and Jim were both on hand to answer any questions and Scoop was there and involved seemingly much more than in past years. (Hoping this is a sign of the resurrection of his talks!)

There were AWESOME previews of the new vinylmations, monsters, penguins, and KOOKY PENS!!! WHOOOOOOT!!! If you collect any of those things and pins you are in BIG trouble this year!!!

The trading area was very well ventalated this year and no one was over heating. There were TONS of tables and plenty of room for everyone! I did not trade in the back but lots of people came out VERY happy!!! The hot thing seemed to be completing the coins from the event and the new bottle caps! THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!

The information that we absorbed during the pin chat with Scoop & Steve today was just over whelming!!

Here is a breif recap...

Next event... August something [2010]... Trade City USA... "cross between Radiator Springs and Main Street USA." Said to be right off of pin route 498 and it is the home of the Pin Trading University and the Muesum of Pintiquities. Also home to the worlds longest lanyard, worlds biggest backer card, and there is supposed to be a set of Mickey ears so big you lierally can walk through them. There are supposed to be pins that will fit nearly everyones collection!

The 10th anniversary of pin trading is gonna be HUGE! Steve said they are trying to plan a 10 hour event on 10-10-2010 as well as something on Oct 1st. There are gonna be tons of pins to commemorate this!!! Also a set of pins that half will be here and half will be at DLR that will be PWP pins and you will have to trade to get the whole set. THis will be in Lui of the current DLR GWP series as the current Matterhorn set will be the LAST GWP for DLR.

Info on Hidden Mickey releases... THe WDW Hidden Mickey releases will now mirror the way they are released in DLR ... once a month the new set will come out... HOWEVER>>> Each park will have it's own set. Of the 12 releases only one set wil be duplicated between the parks "BEcause they are sooooo cool!" Per Steve!

There will also be a LE 100 release once a month at DTD pin traders here at WDW and they are going to be jumbo pins. The designs were very retro commemorating park icons and they were super cool!

There was a proposal made with the help of the pin trading team!!! Many folks in the crowd even cried!! Congrats to Shelby Smith and his future bride!! (Christine?) It was AWESOME!

Pin trading night after the early registration was great too!! There were lots of people that came in when the public entered at 7PM. They had plenty of tables and it was well staffed too!

John from CJPT did a great job gathering a large group of traders on Friday night at Port Orleans Riverside! Several Artists came off the clock to visit too! It was a good time for all!!

I am looking forward to returning in the morning for public day! I hope that the tradition of them having the characters on hand to visit with all of us will hold true as that is always the girls favorite parts!

I saw old friends and met lots of new faces and can really sing the song "TIme of Your Life" and relate it to this event!! It has been... AWESOME!!!

Thanks Shell for your letting me post your report from the Museum of Pintiquities.... If anyone else has a reports from MoP or O-Pin House please email them to me... thanks... I would love to read your thoughts and opinions.... Here is the schedule for the next couple of weeks: Finishing up the look at MoP, on Satuday we will have a special July 4th feature, Sunday we will have the new Weekly Pin News, and starting next week we will begin our next series of Pinvestigation... Hall of Presidents or Fantasmic!!!.. which should i do???

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