July 15, 2009

Pics and Pins of Fantasmic!

Today we will investigate the Pics and Pins of Fantasmic!!!.... This first is the attraction poster for the Disneyland version, personally I like this version much better...Here we have some proposed logos for the Disneyland Logo, as you can see they were later influenced teh Disney-MGM Studios Logo...Two Imagineers scuplt three big pieces of the original Disneyland Fantasmic!, the Crocodile, Ursula blowup, and Maleificent puppet....Here is promotion pictures for DL's show, as you can see in promotionap pics, both from DL and DHS Mickey is in the Sorcerer Mickey costume, where in the show he is in the Brave Little Tailor outfit... as well as both having a computer generated Dragon behind actually where it appears... because the real dragon was not made for photographing, as it really is just a head on a stick....Concept art for the new Audio-Anamatronic Dragon, named "Murphy" by Disney Fans, for all of its problems, with "Murphy's Law" coming into effect...This pic is of the NEW Audio-Antamatronic head of teh Dragon soon to debut at DL....This is the logo of the show...As we said before with the DL Promotional art, this Disney MGM Studios map features a computer generated Dragon fighting a Sorcerer Mickey, BEHIND the mountian....This is the attraction "sign" at DHS....The show area of DL's show... By day it is a lazy river, by night it is a blazing inferno of evil... at the Rivers of America...This is the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater specifically built for this....BEgininning of show in DL with Kaa....In DHS with Monkey Floats...Disneyland Captain Hook Scene...Newly updated Crocodile...Princess section...Villians area....Old Ursula blow up... which was retired near the beginning of the show...Newly added Flotsam and Jetsom jet ski's....BEginning to Defeat Evil....The Mark Twain Finale at DL....The Steamboat Willie FInale boat at DHS...Mickey on Mountain at DHS....Now on to the Pins of the show.... Most if not ALL of the pins for this show feature Mickey and Maleificent in differnet positions...This pin was released to DIsney CLub members when Disney MGM Studios' show first debuted....This pin a part of Disneyland's 50th Anniversary... pin 1992 comemorating Fantasmic! as a Magical Memory..10th Anniversary of DHS' Fantasmic!!15th Anniversary of DL's Fantasmic! in 2007....This is the ONLY Fantasmic pin that does not feature Mickey and or Maleficent...

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  1. I love that World of Color concept art of the cheshire cat!