August 18, 2010

Mouse of Zen: Disney Inspired, Mouse-Sized Poetry


There have been many Disney themed books published over the last decade, from Theme Park Guides to Imagineering histories, Disney Legend Biographies, and more, Mouse of Zen is a different kind of Disney book. Self-published, Mouse of Zen: Disney Inspired, Mouse-Sized Poetry is a great addition to a anything-Disney lover’s library. Written by J.B. Conway, Mouse of Zen is a Disney-themed haiku book. Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry which is formatted by 5 syllables used in the first line, 7 in the second, and 5 again in the third and last line of the poem, it is a strict format and not many people can pull off. If written correctly, a haiku will create a vivid image in your head, and bring back memories of the past Disney experiences, J.B. Conway’s Mouse of Zen definitely does that.

I’ve followed J.B. Conway on Twitter since he began and have enjoyed all of his pieces he has posted, so I was eager to read this compilation of many of his haikus.  Not many people are fans of poetry, one reason being that it really is hard to understand, and with haikus being very short, they’re even harder to get a sense of meaning, but with these Disney themed haikus, a Disney fan will reminisce of old childhood memories, or if never experienced it, they will be able to vividly picture the area of which if being described.

One of my favorite haikus of the book is one that I can picture perfectly, and a feeling, exactly how I feel when I step foot into a Disney Theme Park:

wrapped in fantasy
step by step, inching closer
to this one man's dream

Not only does J.B. describe theme park feelings and areas, but also vivid pictures of classic Disney films, like this one from Beauty & the Beast, another one of my favorite haikus in the book:

counting rose petals
his face, a worn battlefield
beastly casualty

And finally, this one describes a picturesque scene in one of my favorite areas in Disney Theme Parks, Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Asia:

bridge over asia
birds melt into a sunset
over a mountain

Out of 350 haikus featured in this book there were very few pieces that I couldn’t picture or get a true feeling of, most of which might have been based on items that I’ve never seen or heard of.  Overall, this book is truly a great addition to any Disney fan’s library of books and information, this definitely has a personal touch that most Disney fans will be able to feel. If you’d like to purchase this book, be sure to check out the publisher’s official site for more information.

All poetry in this post © J.B. Conway
Cover Art Copyright Knell Studio Works

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read my labor of love and to review! Means the "world" to me