August 19, 2010

GDP Blogging Announcement


Blog_20090628_TradeCityUSA     tradecityvinyllogo

The Global Disney Pinvestigation Blog is not scheduled to be updated until late August for Trade City, U.S.A. Reports and a Fantasyland Friday. We are taking a break from blogging for about 7 days due to starting school, and a Trip To Trade City. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, GDPinvestigator and FantasyLFriday and Friend me on Facebook for any breaking news, and information.


Beginning on August 26th, I’ll be tweeting directly from Trade City, USA at the Walt Disney World Resort with News, Information, and Pictures from the event, be sure to follow us. Following the three day event (featuring Pins and Vinylmations) we will have a full wrap up and report of the festivities and previews.   



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