August 30, 2010

Pin Celebration 2010—Trade City U.S.A. Report

Originally intended on bring a report about the event, then having the review later on, but I’ve decided to combine them into my Trade City USA Report. I hope you all enjoyed my little tweets and micro-blogging (or at least attempt to do it) throughout the event, I tried to cover the major items, but for that I didn’t, I’ve written full wrap ups, preview reports and news reports on the Disney Pincast and Vinylmation Station, be sure to check those out!

Now, onto the report/review! For those of you who want to know how Early Registration went, be sure to check out Thursday’s Report.  When walking into the World Showplace pavilion, which I love, its a fantastic building to hold events in, guests were greeted by a Mayor Mickey statue, similar to the Mayor Mickey statuette released at the event.



The decor, as always, was great, and well themed towards the event, and as normal, they took inspiration from the various pins released at the event, like the Longest Lanyard, Trade City USA Billboard, and much more.


002    008

012    015


013    022

Now, onto the ‘main event' the Trading Boards, most people stand in these lines for pins that can only be acquired from these boards, normally, they are Hidden Mickey Pins, but this year, the Pin Team decided to take inspiration from their Mystery Pin Boxed Set, the Road Signs (but more on that in a few). The Pin Trading Lines were ok, normally they are like over an hour waits, and slow moving lines. This time it was about an average of 45-50 minute waits, but that is understandable and such, the times added up to be accurate with the number of people in front of you, etc.


Now back to the Road Signs! (Pictured below thanks to readers Carlita Juanita and Juan Carlos Von Feagle, who completed multiple sets, with the Mystery Pin) At this event, eight Road Signs were board exclusive, meaning only being able to be found on the trading boards, and like normal, they were in high demand on Day One, and then were everywhere on Day Two. The ‘worst’ part of the event (and it really wasn’t even that bad) was the fact that the Mystery Completer (Chaser) Pin was only LE 100, so out of the (rumored) 700 event attendees, only 100 would have a complete set. Once finding out that the Chaser was LE 100, not very many people were happy, even the ones with the Chaser pin in hand, so I think that was the biggest ‘error’ or ‘mess up’ by the pin team. I do give them the benefit-of-the-doubt as this was the first time they linked the Mystery Boxed set with the gift, so they will live and learn (hopefully). 



Overall, the Pin Event was a success like normal, and it offered great previews, and news about upcoming events, and such. (Be sure to visit Disney Pincast for more information and tons pictures. My biggest disappointment was in Item #34, the Mini Trading Bag and Pins. The description says that it will feature 4 pins (which it does), but the picture shows 7 pins, and the three pins that aren’t on the card were never made, meaning they almost did ‘false advertising’, even though they said 4 pins, the picture shows 3 pins (why have the card with the 3 empty pictures??) And, the three missing pins, were the three that everyone who ordered the bag wanted, AND also the three pins that were previewed in the Road Signs of before being officially released in RSP Catalog.

33-34     33-34

DPC10_Auto    DPC10_Pinernational


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report from the Vinylmation Showcase, be sure to visit Vinylmation Station for pictures, news and previews!

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