August 26, 2010

GDP Special Report: Trade City U.S.A. Early Registration

This afternoon/evening I headed over to Early Registration for Trade City USA at the Yacht and Beach Club Convention Center, when I got there, it was about 2:00pm, it was still busy, it took about 50 minutes from entering into the room, until leaving the room (all checked in). This year they did something different, you have to wait in 2 lines. Line #1 is for Registration and Merchandise, while Line #2 is for gifts (shirt, etc)

003 005

Trading Area for Event Guests (from 12:00pm until 7:00pm).


Line to Check-In008

Line #2, you picked up your Early Registration Pin, Shirt, and Gift ‘Boxed Set’006

Overall, I feel that this gift was a good idea, but it kind of MAKES YOU NEED to get all of the road signs. (The Front)007

The Inside of the Book (featuring Trade City Statistics and all the road signs)009

‘Page 2’ where you can put your backs of the pins that you place in book.


Back of Book.014

The T-Shirt received was surprisingly nice, the logo is on the left hand corner of the chest area, and on the back is…015

A collage of the bumper stickers!!! 010

The Early Registration Pin! (Though, I don't understand why a plain card? They normally don’t have a card)024

Onto the Vinylmations! Here is a look at the ‘Logo’ Vinylmation (Item #1—The card, 3in Figure, and Pin) AND the gift, a Vinylmation Jr (on keychain) as a replica of the 3in Figure. The one thing I CAN NOT figure out is why they gave us TWO of the same Vinylmation Jrs as a gift (everyone got 2 of the same Vinylmation jrs)



Overall, the registration ran smoothly, and pretty organized, though Line #2 was kind of pointless, but by the time I got there, it was relatively short. I can’t wait for the event to begin tomorrow and see what else we get. Be sure to follow on Twitter or Facebook on all the latest news and information from event!

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