August 31, 2010

Vinylmation Showcase—Item #2 Vinylmation Jrs. Revealed!

The Vinylmation Showcase on Sunday was suppose to feature Item #2, but the item has been delayed until late September. The set, was to feature two Vinylmation Jrs, with Two 3in Figures, and a Pin. The Vinylmation Jrs were a mystery, until now. Late Saturday during the event, Donald Ferro (I’m guessing) snuck them into the display, and no one seemed to notice, except our loyal reader and reporter, Greenhpper, and of course, she snapped a picture.

The two 3in figures of the Blue Bird and Tree with Blue Bird pin. 047

Reader Greenhpper sent in this picture of the two Vinylmation Jrs, an Earthworm (the pink one) and a Baby Blue Bird in Shell. The Vinylmation Jrs are similar to the ones released for Oh Mickey, and Sports Series, meaning they don’t have a ‘lobster claw’ for the Key Chain Ring.

blue_birda       blue_bird

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