August 31, 2010

Vinylmation Showcase—Trade City U.S.A. Report


This will be a quick wrap up/review of the first Vinylmation Event, Trade City USA—Vinylmation Showcase. For all news, previews and information that came out of the event, be sure to check out Vinylmation Station for the massive amount of pictures and news.

I must give a virtual round of applause to Steven Miller and the Vinylmation Team (everyone from set up team, to planning, to artists), great job. For being the first real Vinylmation Event, I feel it went very smoothly, compared to the first Pin Events (remember those?), even though they have learned through their pin experiences, and they did put it into full use. You could definitely tell that there weren’t that many people there, which was a good thing, about 400 people (rumored number), it was a good number to start off with.

The trading I was a bit disappointed with, I don’t know if they had a ‘schedule’ to refresh them like the Pin Trading Boards (Every 30 minutes). I know that the open trading happened about every 45 minutes, and I saw the Mystery Boxes get switched out a couple times, but I didn’t see it a whole lot, and I was there for most of the time. In turn I really didn’t get anything that I wanted/needed, I was in search of the Colonel Kungaloosh Chaser from Park Series 4, as that was the only one I needed to complete my set. I do know of some people who got some great ones, from Park 1 Series and Urban 1 Series, I just wasn’t one of the lucky ones, though my dad did get an Urban 1 figure. The lines for the trading were very quick, I think maximum amount of time I stood in line was about maybe 2 minutes, other than that they were always moving, (and the Vinylmation Jr. Trading had NO LINE, I got my Figment and Nemo I was looking for).

I feel that they could have had fewer trading opportunities, so the lines would have been longer (though bearable) and then they could have refreshed them more. But overall, it was a great first event, I can’t wait for Love Is Magical and the Florida Project.

Onto the merchandise, Item #1, the Patriotic Figure is a great figure, that comes with a pin, and the tin, there really isn’t much to say, see picture.


Item #2 I was most looking forward to, and it was delayed by ‘shipping’, sadly, but I definitely can’t wait for the end of September to roll around, when I can get my sets, in person (it was previewed) it looked great. It came with a pin, two three-inch figures, and two Vinylmation Jrs. (You can see the Vinylmation Jrs here)

Copy of V02

Item #3 seemed to be the ‘hottest’ item at an LE of 750. It featured a Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull themed figures, it was a 9in/3in/pin set. The picture below shows it best.


Overall, it was a great event, very organized, and turned out well, I was a bit iffy as it was their first event for Vinylmations, but I think they did a great job, and they have learned from their Pin Events. Reminder, for more information, news, previews and pictures from the Vinylmation Showcase, be sure to check out Vinylmation Station, for the plethora of pictures.

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