September 11, 2011

The Florida Project: Pin Previews!

Attending the Florida Project on Friday September 9th and Saturday September 10th was a real treat, it really hadn’t changed from the Pin Celebrations of years past, same issues, and same complaints from everyone, but overall it was enjoyable. I’m sure most of you didn’t come here for my analysis, but for the various previews and announcements of the event. In the words of Peter Pan, “here we go…!”

We’ll start off with the releases that are the soonest, Epcot’s Food and Festival 2011.



Disney Vacation Club pins!077

40th Anniversary Pins to come out on October 1st. Information about release will be released soon, via Disney Pins, its unknown if it will be Online RSP like Disneyland Piece of History pins, or wristband distributions.





Pin accessories. Reversible lanyards!145 146 147

Disney Parks will soon be offering online exclusive merchandise, like this puzzle pin set, lanyard starter set, and mini-pin Disney Character Eating food set.

148 149 151

Annual Passholder set for Disneyland resort. Unlocking the Magic, with a variety of attractions and keys attacting to base pin (which are Open Edition).153

Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passholder pins. Base star pin with Mickey, and each quarter of the year features a diamond shaped pin with hinged picture of character inside.


D23 Exclusive pins, featuring pocket watch of Mickey (Disneyland Resort) and Chip & Dale (Walt Disney World). The time 3:09 on watch is the date that D23 was announced.


Disney Cruise Line pin!  Pins for the Inaugural Sailing of the Disney Fantasy.



Disney Piece of Movie History series continues for 2012, with regular animated movies but also CGI movies like Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Tangled.


Disney Trading Nights will continue in 2012, with 12 total on both coasts, 6 on each coast (bi-monthly).

163 164 165

Hidden Mickey Pin previews!!!166

Preview of a variety of pins coming out for Re-do of Disney’s California Adventure, including Carsland and Buena Vista Street.078

168 169 170  172 173

Disneyland Resort’s Summer Pin Event is Gear Up For Adventure, which will tie into the Carsland opening, but not represent the various CARS characters, but classic Disney characters in car scenarios.





During the Pin Presentation Alex Maher was drawing the logo character, Ring master Mickey, for the Pin Celebration 2012, Mickey’s Circus. Information will be out soon, dates, and other information will be released when made information.180 186

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