September 11, 2011

The Florida Project: Vinylmation Previews!

I was able to attend the Vinylmation Showcase at the Florida Project this weekend on Sunday September 11th, lots of news and information as well as previews were released. Let’s just cut to the chase… here we go!

First, we have a preview of the upcoming Alice in Wonderland blind boxed mystery set.



The set will also feature a limited edition 9in/3in Walrus and Oyster Cook set.279

As well as a limited edition, two-3in set of Disappearing and Re-appearing Cheshire Cat!


Park 7 will begin represent important milestones in Walt Disney World’s 40 years.


Some 9in figures, featuring River Country and the Elliot float from the Main Street Electrical Parade.

193 203

It seems to me, a Kitchen Kaberat Set will be coming out…

198 197

As well as an America On Parade set…


Moving onto the Holiday Series #3!207

205  191

And Animation Series #2!206


Urban Series #8!201 202


Special Figures released for a variety of occasions like the Halloween, Epcot Food and Wine Festival, Christmas, and the Disney Cruise Line Mexican Rivera cruise.





A new Open Edition series titled “Theme Park Favorites” will be released in February.


Light Up Figures!094

D-Tech Merchandise, from Computer Cases, to Computer decals, to phone covers (not pictured)


Moving onto the Vinylmation Talk with Donald Ferro, who announced a plethora of items, like a Park Series #8 preview which will continue Park Series #7’s Walt Disney World inspiration.


217 219


Cutesters at the Beach Preview…  222

223  224


One of the most anticipated series, Casey Jones’ The Haunted Mansion! To be released next year, but NOT at the Room for One More event, Donald made that very, very clear.

242 244

Some upcoming pins showcase more figures from the series, like the Hitchhiking Ghosts.


As well as Master Gracey, the Bride, Knight, King Casear’s Ghost, as well as a few more.


There will be a Robots Series #2, which will be released not only in Disney Stores like Series 1, but also in the parks.

225 226

A new collection by the same designer as Have A Laugh is the Classic Collection.


Two new nerds will be added to the Open Edition series, Stitch and Figment!

229 230

A new Open Edition, Open Windowed set will be D-Tour, which will periodically change, here are some previews of graphic, and trendy versions of Mickey Mouse.



Vinylmation Jr. Series #5 will be This and That, like Up and Down, Unicorns and Rainbows and Pins and Needles, they will tell both sides of story!

234 235 274

Vinylmation Jr. Series #6 will feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


236 237


New Open Edition, Open Windowed sets to be released in May 2012 featuring Disney Characters as Star Wars Characters.


Star Wars Series #2 will be released in August 2012, based off New Hope.


At end of presentation, Donald revealed what exactly Project Z was! To much what seemed to be disappointment in audience, Project Z stands for Park Starz, which is a new way that Vinylmations will be created, for Park Starz Series, the figures will be shaped like a variety of Disney Park’s original characters, like the Yeti from Expedition Everest, Big Al from Country Bear Jamboree, and Figment from the Imagination Pavilion. Also, Park Starz series will be blind boxed in a tin, and sold in trays of 12, so if you want to purchase a series, you will just have to buy the tray of 12 and have one set, with no duplicates.

251 257


260 262



Finally, at the very end of the presentation, Donald revealed Mickey’s Circus for the Vinylmation Showcase next year as well, and showed a preview of a figure to be released, Ring Master Mickey!


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