May 12, 2009

Mickey's Fun Wheel formally Sun Wheel

Opening with the park on Feburary 8, 2001, this attraction is one of the few that opened with Disney's California Adventure. Located in the Paradise Pier area of Disney's California Adventure, this attraction was inspired by Coney Island's 1927 Wonder Wheel, featuring swinging and stationary gondolas. With a giant Sun face on the outer side facing the rest of the park.
Closing on October 14, 2008, Sun Wheel was gone forever in a sense. The next day the attraction was walled off and ready for the refurbishment and complete redo. Starting in November 2008, the gondolas were removed, then a month later in December 2008, the repainting of the wheel started.... Then begininning 2009, the giant Sun Face was removed, which was an exicting moment for most Disney Fans. In March 2009, the gondolas were replaced on the wheel again, with new colors and designs... The new gondolas featured classic images of Disney Character Fab 5/6. THe stationary gondolas were replaced with all Mickey, and the other moving/swinging gondolas were replaced with either Pluto, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Minnie heads. The one final step for this attraction was in April 2009, when the Pie-Eyed Mickey Head was finished and complete, where the sun used to be.
With this being one of the first finished signs of the NEW Disney's California Adventure, many Disney Fans thought that this would be a sign of how well this rennovation will do.. And with many fans, Disney hit the nail right on the head....
Tomorrow we will do Pics and Pins of Mickey's Fun Wheel and the original Sun Wheel...
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