May 13, 2009

Pics and Pins of the Wheel

Today's segment is the pics and pins unit of Mickey's Fun Wheel and its predecessor Sun Wheel... The first two are of Sun Wheel...These are a concept art and a model of Mickey's Fun Wheel...The refurbishment phase with painting, and getting Mickey's face placed on it... Suprisingly the main face part was one piece placed on it... with the ears hand painted.Here are some of the gondolas of Mickey's Fun Wheel..Some pictures of Mickey's Fun Wheel at Night, with new LED lights put on a light show nightly...On to the pins... These first two are on Sun Wheel, there are many other pins for Sun Wheel, but they all are basically the same with the sun and the title...This pin is a pin recently released at Disneyland Resort...These final pins are a series from Walt Disney Imagineering, with the actual pin as the character head on the gondola and the backercard is shaped like the gondola...

Well that is it for today.. Hope you like it on Friday or Saturday we will start our next series, based on a show, guess which one? Please vote in the poll in the margin, just two days left... Also, do you like the new feature of DisRadio? Please email me for suggestions on upcoming features... Also, Do you like the new series of TwitPic of the Day?

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