May 22, 2009

Pics and Pins of FOLK

The pictures go in order of the show... Hope you enjoy... sorry for not that many pics and info... this really doesnt have many interesting facts about it...This pic is from the HKDL verison..On to the Pins, these first few are from DAK.... With most of them as logos... You can see that the logo for the attraction has changed several times in its short lifespan...These next ones are from Hong Kong Disneyland... The first pin looks like one of the original logos for the DAK pin... The last two are concept art for the show from HKDL....
Well that is it for today... SOrry for the delay... have been so busy and not feeling very well... Sometime next week i will start a small feature becasue will be going away next Friday for the weekend...
Pics from, AllEars.Net,

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