May 18, 2010

Pics and Pins of the Many Pirate Movies



Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_movie    Pirates_of_the_caribbean_2_poster_bpirates_of_the_caribbean-10471

Jack_Sparrow_In_Pirates_of_the_Caribbean-_At_World's_End      175px-Barbossa_in_Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_At_World's_End

200px-Elizabethswann600ppx     250px-Will_Turner_Caribbean

200px-Piratedavyjones     180px-Beckett400px

Sao_Feng_Pirate_China      180px-Tiadalma400px


686px-BlackPearl   DauntlessbargeFlyingdutchman310ppx 2JackPelegostos Jack_VS___The_Kraken pirates

Onto the pins!! Originally, with the release of the first movie, there weren’t many pins released, as it was unknown of how good it would do, and with each movie, more pins came out, because Disney Marketing and Merchandising knew they’d sell, well they thought they would.


Dead Man’s Chest definitely has more pins than The Curse of the Black Pearl had.


pin46934       pin46935

pin46951  pin47660 pin47661 pin47825

pin53505      pin50894

Onto At World’s End, which had many, many more pins than both Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man’s Chest. And it started off with this ‘countdown’ series featuring the various characters in the new film, both old and new.

pin53418     pin53419pin53481     pin53484pin53507

pin53557 pin53562

pin53563 90910343 90910360  909103824

Once the new final of the trilogy was released, Disney had ‘fun’ with the three movies together, like this logo comparison pin from Disney Soda Fountain.


Or this logo set…

pin62881     pin57661     pin56733

Disney also released many ‘sets’, boxed and individual, featuring the three ‘main’ ships in the trilogy of movies, The Black Pearl, the Flying Dutchman, and the Empress.

pin53559     pin53560     pin53561 


pin57843     pin57842  


       pin61478     pin61479

Pictures from Wikipedia and PinPics

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