May 19, 2010

…We Rifle and Loot…

As with most Tokyo Disney Resort affiliated attractions and posts, this one is more of a ‘photo essay’. Hope You Enjoy!pirates_exterior


Similar to Disneyland’s attraction, the facade is in Adventureland, but is located on a New Orleans-esque street. Opening with the park on April 15, 1983, the attraction is almost the same as Disneyland’s with a few Walt Disney World touches, as the attraction was planned from the beginning of development, as opposed to Magic Kingdom’s, which was an afterthought.

Blue%20Bayou%20-%20Tokyo%202 gallery002

gallery001  gallery003


With the success of Magic Kingdom’s and Disneyland’s additions of the movie characters, Tokyo Disneyland’s attraction followed by officially debuting the movie characters, Captain Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Davy Jones, into the cherished attraction on July 21, 2007.



advpocn21 advpocn25

4095977387_cc10bac442        IMG_1637     poster_pirates_tdl

Onto the pins! As always, there isn’t that many pins from Tokyo Disneyland, but just take a peak at the few below…

pin1227  pin3844 pin39157 pin55861

pin65934     pin56355  pin67907

Pictures and Information from Jack Spence at All Ears Net, TDR Fan, JTCENT, and PinPics

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