May 22, 2010

Weekly (Pin) News

The Weekly (Pin) News is moving to a bi-monthly feature as lately there hasn’t been that much news lately to cover in one post per week. So the WPN is officially moving to an every-other-week released feature.

Onto the News and Previews!

Our first preview of pins will be released in June when the Alice in Wonderland DVD/Blue Ray is released.

2010-05-12%20-Alice1     2010-05-12%20-Alice2

Another preview we have for you today is of upcoming Piece of History pins from May 2010 to September 2010 to be released in Disneyland Resort.2010-05-18%20-%20PODHIIUpdate

Another set of previews are from the Disney Parks Blog, which has the full story behind these pins featuring the classic Mickey Head shape, designed by product designer, Julie Andrews.


mtu349209SMALL mtu401148SMALL

Our final preview comes from the What’s HapPINing Blog, and in honor of Star Wars Weekends beginning this weekend, they showed these pins, with no explanation of what they are. But we, the GDP, have confirmation that they are some of the pin products to be released in August in Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s Last Tour to Endor event.


Finally, we have a picture of the five Alice in Wonderland set inspired by the scene in World of Color’s Alice in Wonderland sequence. These were released as WDI Exclusive. This set was released with a few other World of Color inspired pins including a Tinkerbell Logo, and Chernabog head, with a few others. (Thanks to reader, Jabberwocky, for the picture)


Onto the Vinylmation News, sponsored by our partner, Vinylmation Connection.

VMBlog_20100521_LandoHere is this weeks tops stories:

Annual Passholder Orange Bird Figure Preview
Black Cauldron Anniversary Set Preview
Official Star Wars Figure Preview—Lando Calrissian

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