April 16, 2009

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

This type of "underwater" attraction has been used in Disney parks since the Submarine Voyage opened in 1959 in Disneyland and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in 1971 at Magic Kingdom. But this 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is much different here in TDS than the others that used to be at MK and DL and the current Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland. THis attraction is more of a darkride on a track that is above you, similar to the track in Peter Pan's Flight around the world or a smaller version of the Monorail, above your head. This attraction has guests seated in a Nautilus submarine and sit infront of small port holes to view the scenes of the attraction, similar to the "original" at Magic Kingdom, just without water.

The story goes something like this...

In an unprecedented decision, Captain Nemo has invited the world's scientific community to come to Mysterious Island and share in his discoveries of the countless marvels and mysteries of the ocean's depths. He has announced that his special guests will be permitted to board one of his fleet of submersibles, similar to the Neptune, and join his crew as observers to assist in his research and to share the ocean's majesty.
board their vessel, guests descend a spiral ramp and enter a volcanic rock cavern that leads first to Captain Nemo's Private Study and Control Station. Discovering that Captain Nemo is working in another part of the facility, they are able to walk through these private quarters and observe Nemo's various notes, maps and research materials related to his studies of the sea and his efforts to develop the ocean floor for fanning. It is here too that they are introduced to the Aquaphone. Nemo's amazing wireless communications invention, which allows him to monitor activities throughout Mysterious Island and to broadcast information to his fleet of research vessels under the sea.

Moving along, they enter the Dive Hatch Area where they observe that Nemo and his crew are able to don diving suits and enter the ocean directly through a special pressure hatch. It is clear from the missing dive suits in the storage area, and from the seawater and kelp around the hatch, that divers must have recently used the hatch and that their dive is still in progress.
Soon the guests enter the Submarine Docking Port, a rock cavern that has been reinforced by large metal riveted plates. The submersibles are suspended from an overhead conveyor system for loading. They arc attached by large metal hooks that release the vessels into the water. Guests board the six-person submersibles and the conveyor moves them to the ocean's edge to be dropped into the water and begin their dive.

Upon release, Captain Nemo can be heard over the Aquaphone in the vessel. He broadcasts along the way and provides information to the intrepid voyagers about the sites they see. In their first view after diving to the ocean floor, they observe the beauty of the ocean reef around the perimeter of Mysterious Island. Then they enter one of the many undersea fields where Nemo is harvesting the limitless bounty of the ocean and continuing to develop and refine his Aquafarming operations.

Nemo reminds his guests that the ocean is a vast and wondrous place, but that it is not a domain that can be controlled by man-that man is merely a visitor in the sea. As evidence, guests next encounter a graveyard of lost ships. As they float through the Ship Graveyard, in and out of the wrecks of sunken ships from every era, they observe that all the power and riches the people who piloted these vessels might have possessed or sought, were only destined to become so much junk at the bottom of the sea-a playground for the denizens of the deep. But there is little time to reflect on the irony of man's quest for fame and fortune. Then the porthole shuts and the next thing you see is your submarine getting attacked by a giant squid. After escaping the giant squid your submarine ventures many feet below and discover many things never encountered before such as weird creaturs of Humanoid fish. After adventuring the seas, your submarine returns back to base and you exit.

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Information from LaughingPlace.com and DisneyandMore blog

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