April 1, 2009

Pins of Soarin' over Cailfornia

Well yesterday was about the history and the ride itself, today we investigate the pins of Soarin' over California. This first pin is the logo pin and the first Soarin' over California pin released.
Many of the Soarin' over California feature one of two things, either a hangglider flying over the Golden Gate Bridge (a key scene in the ride), or just Mickey and or friends in a hangglider. Such as these pins.

Many pins were not released for Soarin over California, unlike other major E-Ticket attractions at the Disneyland Resort. But in the Summer of 2008, during Mickey's Pin Odyssey, many pins were released featuring Soarin' over California.

As you can see there really arent that many different pins of Soarin' over California. So why aren't there anymore Soarin' over California pins?, well maybe because they only really have a few possibilities, and can just make them simple, which sometimes is good. Well overall, i dont know.
Tomorrow Stay tuned for Soarin' over California to fly East to Epcot and just become Soarin'... We will take a look at some minor differences and of course the pins.

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