April 2, 2009

Landing in Epcot as Soarin'

In late 2003, Soarin' over California was announced that it was flying over to Epcot in 2005 for Disneyland's 50th Anniversary, as a part of the Happiest Celebration on Earth.

But in 2001 rumors started swirling around the Disney wanted to add a "Soarin' over" attraction somewhere in the World Showcase, but no one knew which particular country it would feature. Rumors flew around for about two years, about where in the park and what film. Would it be a clone of its Disney's California Adventure counterpart? or a whole new film over a country or countries? No one really knew. Then in mid-July 2003, Cast Members got notice that construction would begin soon, but between The Land and Imagination. That confused many people, then it was realized it would use the old Food Rocks, entrance and queue area. Still there was a question, what movie? a copy of DCA's? or a new one? Then it was offically announced on October 10, 2003, to be landing in Epcot in 2005, also announced was that it would be a clone of the California attraction, many people were confused. Why fly over California, when in Florida? The construction offically started in early November 2003. When the giant showbuilding was being built many fans wondered how was the GIANT building be hid from World Showcase. Many people thought that they were going to add a ride to Canada to add more mountains to cover up the building. Others thought they were just going to leave it. But in the end they painted it a sky blue to make it blend seamlessly with the sky.

With this addition of Soarin' to The Land pavilion, the pavilion closed several times during later in the construction to redo parts of the pavilion. So, the pavilion got an upgrade as well.
As the attraction came closer to opening pins were of course released, a countdown series was released.
3 Days to Go- Donald Duck receives his "Special Delivery" package. It appears Donald is going to assemble his own hang glider. He doesn't realize that his friends Goofy and Mickey are waiting inside to surprise him
2 Days to Go- It appears Donald ordered more then a hang glider kit. There are only two day to go until Soarin' makes it's "first flight" at Epcot
1 Day to Go- It's only one day to go until Soarin' ™ makes it's "first flight" at EpcotOpening Day- Take off with Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck as they experience the first flight

Opening on May 5, 2005, guests saw that nothing was changed in the attraction other then the queue area. Rumors continue to swirl that a updated film will be shot or is being shot for Soarin over the World edition. Some say that it will open up in 2011 for Walt Disney World's 40th Anniversary, but time will tell. The only reason that these rumors never stop is because while flying over to Epcot, Soarin' over California changed to Soarin' so that the films could be changed every 5 or 10 years to keep it updated and have a re-ridability factor. So, hopefully Guest Services wont have to hear "Why does it have a castle?" "That isnt the Castle." and "Where's the golf ball?" anymore.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pics and pins of Soarin, Epcot edition....

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  1. Its funny, I wrote about Mission Space and Soarin' last night, but never saw this article. Interesting that we both wrote about a similar attraction on the same day. Thanks for your comments by the way, I'm glad you enjoyed it.