April 25, 2009

DHS 20th Anniversary Festitvities

This post isnt about pins but passsing along info:

Thought many of you in Orlando or those who will be in WDW on May 1st would like to know about the Disney sponsored Studios 20th Festivities...

First off, at 8:00am they will have a special rope dropping ceremony.

THen, at 9:00am and 10:45am in Premier Theater, will be an Imagineering Talk with WDI Vice President Tom Fitzgerald, and veteran Imagineers Eric Jacobson and Bob Weis. Talking about the concept and development of this little park named Disney's MGM Studios...

Also, several DHS restaurants will be recreating menus from opening in 1989... and at Starring Rolls Cafe they will be selling specail commeorative cupcakes...

Either way this whole 20th Anniversary celebration put on by Disney will be a special one, more then what they did for Epcot at least... I totally wish i could go but i have school... But will be there on May 2nd.

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