February 16, 2010

Pics and Pins of The Three Caballeros

This is a continuation of yesterday’s Monthly Movie Monday post as we took a look at the Three Caballeros. Today we have a quick pictorial look at various pictures and pins of the film. Hope You Enjoy!08

01-ThreeCaballeros-title   3cabs006


3cabs003  3cabs501   1209700975_1 caballeros b12a3d   The_Three_Caballeros   pin420 pin5973  pin69711

pin69708 pin69709 pin69710  pin75043 pin75044 pin75045

pin17753 pin25037  pin39760

Pablo the Penguin is a penguin in the first short, The Cold Blooded Penguin, of The Three Caballeros.pin37439

Burrito is the flying Donkey in the short, The Flying Gauchitopin37440

The Aracuan Bird is a voiceless character that appears in different moments throughout the different shorts in The Three Caballeros. pin37441



Pictures from PinPics and MagicalScreencaps

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