February 24, 2010

Wonderful World of Weenies: Graumen’s Chinese Theater

The Grauman’s Chinese Theater was used as the ‘weenie’ of Disney-MGM Studios, as it was an icon of the Golden Age of Hollywood, and in a perfect state, was the Hollywood that never was.

When opening in 1989, the theme park featured the largest Hidden Mickey, pictured below in concept art. Can you find it?mgm_0

Before 2001’s addition of the Sorcerer Hat, the Disney-MGM Studios promenade in front of the Chinese Theater (housing the Great Movie Ride) was expansive, it was a relaxing and well groomed plaza area.


great-movie-ride The_Great_Movie_Ride_02



pin91 pin4002

I know this was a short post, it is more of a pictorial view of the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Hope You Enjoyed! Be sure to vote in our Weekly GDP Blog Poll, What is your favorite Great Movie Ride scene?

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