February 20, 2010

Weekly (Pin) News

Today we return with the WPN. Last week was a SLOW week, but so was this week, but this will be a short post.

Today we are going to start with some NON Pin or Vinylmation News. We are going to start with some new characters featured in the upcoming movie, Toy Story 3. Take a look, and enjoy!22458_315387834077_35245929077_3345196_3300214_n

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In more Toy Story related news, the Green Army Men’s Parachute Drop is taking shape in Walt Disney Studios Paris, in the new Toy Story Playland.64447450

Moving on to merchandise, a new Alice in Wonderland Mickey Ears Hat will be released in the Disney Parks to commemorate the release of the new Alice in Wonderland.aeh209169SMALL

We have a preview of an upcoming Mystery Limited Release set, featuring chasers. Will be released in May 2010 in Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. Blog_20100220_LicensePlates

On to Vinylmations!

We have a preview of another Holiday Series #2 Vinylmation, the Mardi Gras one. VMBlog_20100216

Another preview we have is of the Big Eyes set that will be released in the Spring. Originally intended to be Limited Release, this set will be Open Edition, AND won’t be blind box, which means you will be able to see which ones you are gonna get. VMBlog_20100220_BigEyes

Finally in Vinylmation news, we have a preview of new signs going throughout the WDW and DLR in the stores that sell Vinylmations, and let guests know what they are, and what you can do with them. There will also be different designs at the different locations.VMBlog_20100220_VMHowTo

If you haven’t take a look at our Vinylmation Talk Report, from Wednesday’s mini talk, be sure to check it out.

Pictures and Information from What’s HapPINing, ODVS, and Disney Parks Blog

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