February 17, 2010

VinylmationConnection: Vinylmation Mini Event 2/17

This is a mini, mini report from the Vinylmation Talk from this afternoon in Saratoga Springs Resort. Many of the pictures are from reader Greenhpper, while a few are from Vinylmation Station’s Banks Lee


This is a preview of a poster that will simply tell guests what Vinylmations are. The fun thing is that the different locations will have Vinylmation “designs” on the poster that correspond to that area.4366573376_517b25f586


The designs for two of the three Disney Vacation Club Exclusive Vinylmations. (Top picture is from Vinylmation Station, while bottom is from reader Greenhpper). Top Vinylmation is a golden key with purple background, and bottom is a white picket fence with Mickey Heads, and a “Home Sweet Home’ sign on the back of the head.790782391_mymiQ-M  4366573552_f3294e2d18 4366580176_b789412060

News from the Event:

--The Vinylmation Tins will be “discontinued” after the releases of the DVC, Flower and Garden Festival, and Castaway Cay Special Edition Vinylmation. After that there will be a cardboard box, similar to what there is now, but with a piece of the box that can be removed in order to create a base for the figure to rest on. The base will feature the name of the design on it.

--Trading will be expanded into the parks. Within the next two months, several major locations around Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disneyland Paris will receive mystery trading cases like the ones that are used at Disney Trading Nights and Artist Signings. Those wishing to trade will off up their current figure, choose a number, and then receive the figure that is in the cell that corresponds with the number they chose. There will also be a non “surprise” one with three or four in a little box, and you can choose from there.

Once again, thanks to Greenhpper for the information and pictures from this quick Mini Vinylmation Talk.

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