March 1, 2010

D-Street Coming to WDW?

Im back with a portion of my photo report. But today this is for all you Vinylmationers out there. It is confirmed, but not officially announced that a Walt Disney World Version of D-Street will be coming soon, presumably over the summer. Well yesterday, i took a trip down to the West Side to take pictures of the future location and found that on the windows were coverings with vinylmations on them, and many hadn’t been seen in public before, and the GDPinvestigator was there.

First, we have a pic of the covering. (NOTE: There were a few more “unseen” ones that i didnt take a picture of, because of either 1) not interesting to me, or 2) i didnt see there then, but seen now). I would like to apologize in advance for some of the poor qualities of photos, but you should be able to get the idea.271

First we have a few of the Animals series.279 281 282 313

Holiday Series #2!284 285 289

275 276  278


Upcoming Parks Series!286 288  290 292


As well as some of the Haunted Mansion set, to be released in Fall 2010 (i think).272  274

291   294

This is a miscellaneous one that I hadn’t seen before.283

Here are some closer up images of the coverings.295 296 297 298 299 299a 300

A preview of the Abominable Snowman in an upcoming Park Series.301 302 304 305 306 307       

ALL PICTURES BY GDPINVESTIGATION! Please no reproduction or copying of photos without permission.

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