March 28, 2010

Weekly (Pin) News

Today we FINALLY have a new post here on the Global Disney Pinvestigation Blog. I have been extremely busy this past week, sorry for the delay, but here we go! We will have last weeks series, this week.

We will be starting off with a “promotion” for our newest website, Vinylmation Connection. Where all of the latest Vinylmation News will be posted (no longer on here), so be sure to check it out. But, here are some links to some of this weeks top stories in Vinylmation News.

D Street Walt Disney World Annual Passholder Preview
Park Series #4 Official Release
Park Series #4 9 Inch Figure Information

Onto the pin news… First we have a preview of the Walt’s Classic Collection, Walt Disney’s Melody Time. The set will feature characters like Johnny Appleseed and Pecos Bill.Blog_20100316_WCCMelody



Another piece of information this week, is The Mechanical Kingdom set.

The Mechanical Kingdom is a unique line of Disney pins and collectibles with a "steampunk" flair.

Artist Signing - Thursday, April 1, 2010
Meet Disney Design Group Artist Mike Sullivan, the artist behind The Mechanical Kingdom, on Thursday, April 1 at Disney's Pin Traders located in the Downtown Disney® Marketplace at Walt Disney World® Resort. Mike will be signing pins from this new collection from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Steampunk goggles are optional.

The pins will be released in Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort on April 1, 2010. Check out the pins here.

  mkp220094SMALL mkp392464SMALL mkp445216SMALL

Previewed last week on the Disney Parks Blog, was the Captain Eo Tribute pin, coming out this Summer 2010.neo139169SMALL

In Vinylmation Pin News, featured on Vinylmation Connection Discussion Forums, is the new Lenticular Stop/Go Pin that we featured last week on the DTN March 19th Preview, check out the forums, Vinylmation Stop/Go Pin Preview.

Moving onto Theme Parks news, Tokyo DisneySea announced the addition of Jasmine’s Flying Carpets to the Arabian Coast area of the park. It will be a grander, and more extravagant attraction, but similar to both the Carpet attractions in Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios Paris.


In Walt Disney World Resort news, Management announced a new pool area coming to Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort.ssp444248LARGE

Over on the Cruise Line, ‘Villain’s Tonight!’ is about to premiere, here is a picture from the Disney Parks Blog.villains130943SMALL

Finally, in Disneyland Resort Paris, the New Generation Festival has begun to get underway, with many decorations making their way up.21_ngfprep_01sm 21_ngfprep_07sm

Finally, we have some various movie news. Both pieces of information regard Disney/Pixar.

We have a preview of the new short, Day & Night, debuting with Toy Story 3. It will be in 3-D as well, the first Pixar 3D Short.ndsw-6-web

We continue our look at some Toy Story 3 characters with Mr. PricklePants. Doesn’t he kind of look like Winnie the Pooh?25102_380798124077_35245929077_3563245_6413700_n

Also, another reminder to head to Vinylmation Connection for the latest Vinylmation News, Rumors and Discussion.

Pictures and Information from Disney Parks Blog and What’s HapPINing

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