March 16, 2010

Pics and Pins of Finding Nemo

Various movie posters advertising the film. The first shows Nemo lost in a swarm of circling fish, the second features Bruce sneaking up behind Marlin and Dory, and the final one features the various characters of the film in the Sydney Harbor.d  FindingNemo_poster     Nemo-poster2


Lets take a look at one of the trailers.

Marlin is the scared Clownfish father of Nemo who always is scared of what is going to happen or what will happen. He is very protective of his son, Nemo.chrs_marlin

Nemo is the only clownfish who survived the barracuda attack on Coral’s (his mother) eggs, because of the attack he has an underdeveloped right fin, his father and him call it his “lucky fin”. His name alludes to Captain Nemo of Jules Vernes’ 20,000 Under the Sea.chrs_nemo

Even though shown for a couple moments in the film, Coral was created the same way the other chracters of the film were, with care and precision. chrs_coral

Dory is the forgetful Blue Tang. She helps Marlin get to Sydney, Australia and ultimately is the one who finds Nemo.chrs_dory

Nigel, the loveable seagull, talks to Nemo and the Tank Gang in the Dentist’s office. He helps and brings Marlin and Dory to the Dentist’s Office to find Nemo.chrs_nigel

Crush and Squirt are the sea turtles who ride the EAC (East Australian Current), and help Marlin and Dory get to Sydney. Even though they only appear for a relatively short period of the film, compared to other characters, they are well loved among many fans and enthusiasts. chrs_crush




The Sharks, Bruce, Anchor and Chum, first seem to want to eat Marlin and Dory, but then the audience finds out that they are on a “no fish diet”, and they are on their way to a “support group” and needed fish buddies. Their motto is, “Fish Are Friends Not Food”.sharks


The Tank Gang, helps Nemo become acclimated to his new environment of the Dentist’s Office.chrs_tank


Gil talks to Nemo and tries to see how Nemo can help and get the fish to escape from the tank and into the sea.nandg

The Tank Gang is happy that Nemo was able to clog the filter, they are one step closer to leaving the Dentist’s Office.nemo nigel

The Dentist and the Fish Killer… DARLA!chrs_dentist

Now we will take a look at some behind the scenes concepts of the film, the first are black and white drawings of the ocean scenery.tale_coral   behind_simplify

Early storyboards telling the beginning of the film with Nemo heading off to school.tale_inspiration  tale_lucky

A dramatized look at Nemo being captured.tale_fighting

The Shark Lair is detailed here with early concepts of Bruce, Chum and Anchor around it.tale_sharks tale_toothy

Early look at the Tank in the Dentists Office.tale_tank

Gil over Mt. Wannahakalugi.tale_driven tale_endless

Here we have some early looks at artist renderings of the various fish scale textures.behind_fish

The tank features several Tikis that are inspired by various Pixar artists.behind_tiki

Our final picture shows a hidden “homage” to the Pixar Short film, For the Birds.behind_insider

Onto the pins… The first two pictures feature a ten pin set with the various characters of the Underwater World.6239 6240 10422746


These next two pins feature Marlin, Nemo, and Dory in the anemone setting. 9439366 pin32597

Here are a few pins featuring the Tank Gang.10905579

10934787      pin63496

pin36828 pin70151


The final pins were released for important dates. The opening day pin for Disneyland Resort!pin22729

And one for the 5th Anniversary.pin61595  

Pictures and Information from Pin Pics and Pixar

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