March 11, 2010

A Different Kind of Jungle River Cruise


The shape of Hong Kong Disneyland's route is significantly different compared to the others, and it includes a grand finale with a battle between angry fire and water gods. In addition, there are three languages regularly available: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Each language has a separate queue line, allowing visitors to experience the journey in their preferred languages.


The queue takes place in a small boathouse less elaborate then the other boathouses found at the other parks. After winding through the queue guests board one of the boats and meet their skipper who speaks either English, Cantonese, or Mandarin, to accompany the park's guests who speak many different languages themselves.





The boats then sail off and head down river past Tarzan's Treehouse where the skipper tells guests to wave goodbye to the guests traversing the treehouse for they will never see them again. The boats then drift past a mother Indian elephant and her calf playing in the water, followed by another elephant showering in a waterfall. A large bull Indian elephant emerges from the water squirting a plume of water at the boats with the guests narrowly avoiding the free shower.





The vessels then drift down a narrow stream past ancient Cambodian ruins which has been claimed by the jungle. Giant spiders and king cobras watch the boats as they move on. Up ahead several crocodiles are seen resting on a small beach when a school of hungry piranha jump up trying to attack guests. The boats escape into Africa where they pass a large safari camp where several curious gorillas have discovered clothes, guns, hammocks, and books, as the "Trashing the Camp" song from Tarzan plays on a nearby 1930's radio. The African Veldt comes into view where antelope, giraffes, zebras, and African elephants stare at the boats. The vessels then drift into a small pool where a pod of hippos try to tip the boat. Several feet ahead a rhino is seen chasing a safari group up a tree while several hyenas look on laughing.14%20Jungle%20Cruise




Skulls and cloth impaled on broken bamboo sticks appears as tribal drums and horns fill the air. The skipper tells guests that they have entered head hunter country and must quietly sneak by. The boats slowly pass through the main village where several upright shields rest in the tall grass. A native notices the boats and all the shields now revealed to have head hunters behind them begin firing spears and poison darts at the boats as they narrowly escape into a rocky canyon. In the rocky canyon the boats stop near two weird rock formations that look like faces, revealed by the skipper to be the fire god and the water god who are constantly feuding about their differences. The fire god sets the river ablaze while the water god vomits a water bomb, causing the flames to die and the whole canyon to become a cloud of steam. The boats escape the canyon and pass a baby elephant before returning to the boathouse.



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10%20Rock%20Flames              P11-0003  spaceball spaceballf spaceballs Pictures and Information from Laughing Place, and All Ears Net

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